Adventures of the 5th Regiment in Chaos Scar

The Story Begins

The Lieutenant of the 5th Regiment, a stern Githyanki, one of the many many “cousins” of the king, summoned you 6 last night. "Gentlemen… and lady, you six seem to think that this little stroll in the country is some sort of … vacation. I’m not going to ask for excuses, because I don’t have time to listen to your lies. All I’m going to say is: ‘Sergent Nolovet, you will lead your squad as advance scouts for the company. We have reports of ambushes on the kings road and well, better you trip them than us. You will proceed at a fast pace to the Keep and arrange for our barracks and quarters to be ready for when we arrive.’ "

That was last night. It’s now early in the morning, pre-dawn. The road you’re travelling on is lightly forested, raised and graded gravel. It’s well maintained by… someone.

Corporal Naturae is off with the other half of the squad scouting a different road.



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